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Boston Limo Cars From the Back Bay to the outskirts of Cambridge, there is no better way to see the historical sites of Boston, Massachusetts than through the tinted windows of Boston limo cars. Though the city has a fully functioning public transportation system, known as the “T,” it doesn’t allow you to see the whole city when traveling underground. There are a number of sights that could be described as must-sees in this coastal city, home to many sites of the Revolutionary War. With such an abundance of natural beauty, this is also a popular destination for honeymoons or weddings, which are always an occasion to hire the services of a Boston stretch limo.

Some of the main sights that are easily accessible with a handy airport limo transfer include Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox. Faneuil Hall is a central location that is lined with shops and restaurants, from which you can then venture out on the Freedom Trail, which offers a guided line through the main sites of the Revolutionary War that are contained in this city. This includes the site of the now infamous Boston Tea Party as well as Paul Revere’s home, which is perfectly preserved and open to visitors year-round.

The major pleasures of Boston as a city lie apart from its main drag, however. Taking a limo car service in Boston is a great way to get out there into the smaller neighborhoods and tour around. Enjoy the tree-lined streets and quaint brownstone buildings that people relax in front of, which is typical of East Coast architecture. For those who come from another region, this could provide an unparalleled view of the way that people in this city truly live.

With an abundance of fresh seafood from the adjacent Atlantic, Boston is also home to a number of world class dining options. Taking a limousine service in Boston is a way to really treat yourself to a night out in style. The famous North End neighborhood is Boston’s “little Italy,” and has a number of classical Italian restaurants all in a row, nestled amongst the quaint cobblestoned streets. After enjoying a big meal, taking a stroll through these narrow alleys can be a great way to clear room for some gelato or a cannoli. Nightlife options in this city abound as well, with world famous musical acts coming through to the major theaters in the area.

The area around Fenway Park is filled with bustling nightclubs, including the Roxy and the Avalon Clubs. They not only host musical acts, but feature loud pulsing dance floors filled with movers and shakers from the universities and beyond. By using the services of one of Boston’s many limo cars, you can enjoy yourself without worrying about having a designated driver or trying to negotiate with all of the other club-goers in a taxi line when the bars close at 2 am. This may seem like a small detail but it makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying your stay.

Boston Limousines Service Across the river from Boston lies Cambridge, which is home to two of the most renowned college campuses in the world: Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A stretch limo service can take you there in a matter of minutes, and the campuses themselves are well worth exploring for lovers of greenery and academic institutions. Cambridge is also home to a number of smaller jazz clubs and funky boutiques in the famous Harvard Square. Whatever your fancy may be, “Beantown” is sure to have something for everyone, and is worth exploring from the moment you step out into that airport shuttle.

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