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Calgary Limo Cars A modern Canadian metropolis, Calgary’s sleek glass skyscrapers serve as a testament to the rising economy that is located here. Many business travelers are sent here for conferences, and those seeking the latest in fashion and entertainment. Airport limousine service in Calgary can start your next vacation off in the right way, getting you safely and conveniently from the international airport to your hotel of choice. There are certainly plenty to choose from, with the Four Seasons and the Radisson serving as two of the most popular options.

The snow-capped Rocky Mountains tower over the city, and are reflected against the glass of the buildings, giving the city of Calgary an almost futuristic look that is pleasant just to take a look at. When and if you tire of staring at this view, then there are plenty of sightseeing options available through the services of the various limo cars. The Calgary Tower is a space-age structure constructed in 1968 for sightseeing and is now one of the most popular monuments in town just on its own. It also provides a great vantage point from which to admire the surrounding dramatic landscape, and how much the city has grown.

For a touch of local culture, the Glenbow Museum is also located downtown and is a short limousine service ride away from most of the hotels in the area. This is a three story complex that touches on Native American history and artifacts, containing one of the most impressive collections in the world on this field. For anyone interested in the history of Canada, this is a must on the to-do list. One could easily devote a whole day to the museum, but there are also plenty of other attractions in this same area that should be duly noted as well.

These include the Eau Claire Market and the Devonian Gardens. These are also easily accessible by limo cars, and once you are in the area you have the freedom to explore this main area on foot. Most of these attractions are actually linked by suspended glass walkways. Inside the market one can find a number of shops, restaurants, and cinemas. The Gardens feature some of the lush native wild plants that one could see up in the mountains as well. They are very well kept and offer a nice respite from the bustle of the surrounding city.

There is no shortage of dining options in Calgary. Taking a limousine service to dinner means you don’t have to worry about valet parking or trying to find it on the street, so you can sit back and enjoy your meal. Some of the most well known include those that are linked to the hotels, including the Westin Calgary and the Calgary Marriott Hotel. Other restaurants of note include the Bonterra Trattoria for a taste of authentic Italian, or the Regency Palace Restaurant for some real high class dining, including a Sunday Tea service. These are all worth a visit for a taste of what Calgary has to offer, though there are plenty of smaller inexpensive restaurants and cafes for a quick bite in the daytime as well.

Calgary Limousine Service At night, those looking for entertainment will surely find it after stepping out of their limo cars and into some of the nightclubs of Calgary. These range from those that are extremely high energy and can accommodate a large number of people, to more intimate lounge-type settings. Some of the main clubs include Cowboy’s, French Maid, and the Tantra Nightclub. All of these feature a different type of clientele, so visitors have their pick of several different options.

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