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Charlotte Limo Cars A small yet bustling city in the heart of North Carolina, Charlotte is a dream for those interested in antique shopping or visiting historical Civil War sites. In addition, its quaint beauty makes it ideal as a wedding destination, which is mirrored in the high number of weddings that take place here. For large events such as this, hiring a limousine service is the most convenient way to make an entrance in style. Honeymooners may also find the perfect destination here with the abundance of bed and breakfasts that cater just to these romantic needs.

Independence Boulevard is one of the main areas to see in Charlotte, with its multitude of small shops, restaurants, and people strolling about to see and be seen. It’s helpful to take a limousine service out there to help if you plan on shopping, because the bags can add up into a larger haul than you may have bargained for initially. The Fourth Ward is a historic neighborhood that offers its visitors the chance to see classic Victorian homes and small quaint cafes.

After a long day of visiting all of these various sights, it’s always a good idea to take some time out to relax in the various nightclubs or bars that are part of Charlotte’s hopping nightlife. Taking one of Charlotte’s limo cars means that you will have the freedom to visit several of these. While there is a nightlife area that has a high concentration of spots to grab a drink, some of these are not so centrally located but are still worth a visit. Some of the most popular nightclubs include the Breakfast Club, which plays 80’s dance music, Bar Charlotte and Amos’ South End, which has a real southern elegance about it.

The dining options are equally varied, and you are sure to be able to satisfy whatever cravings you may be having. Cajun Queen is one restaurant that is quite popular and easily accessible by limousine service. This offers the chance to give Cajun cuisine a try, which flourishes in the area. Other options go beyond Southern cuisine and include such gems as the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, the Capital Grille, and the Mimosa Grille. This last restaurant is particularly recommended for its brunch options. The pace in Charlotte is slow and laid-back, so your meal should be too to be properly savored.

That is not to say that there aren’t plenty of fast-paced activities to keep every member of your travel party occupied. The Botanical Gardens are quite stunning, as is the chance to get out into the countryside and see the fall foliage when the season is right. Choosing to use a limousine service means that you have the freedom and mobility to leave the city if desired and get out there into the countryside of North Carolina, which is one of the most beautiful and diverse states in the nation, and a great place for those interested in hiking or bird watching.

Charlotte Limousine Service Beauty can be found indoors as well, in the museums and galleries that showcase the city’s thriving art scene. The Mint Museum of Art features a collection of both local and internationally known artists. This is another attraction that is easily reachable with the help of limo cars. Thinking about your transportation of choice ahead of time can free you up to relax and enjoy all of these sights once you get into town, so no time is wasted. Even a weekend in Charlotte can be well spent with all of these options, and can be a quite charming and affordable getaway.

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