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Chicago Limo Cars Chicago is world famous for many different reasons, including its long and storied history as a home for gangsters. Nowadays, it’s cleaned up its image, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t still a great deal of excitement for all types of travelers in the Windy City. Finding a limousine service can be a great way to start seeing all that this city has to offer. From daytime sightseeing trips to a booming nightlife, some would say that Chicago is one of the most exciting cities in the Midwest, if not the entire country.

The first place to start when going about looking into the options of daytime activities in Chicago is to figure out how much time you have. If you are running on limited time, then you will probably want to travel around in limo cars that can allow you to see as many sights as possible in a short amount of time, without having to worry about navigating Chicago’s subway system, or stand in line waiting for taxis. This way, you could travel from Wicker Park all the way to the Natural History Museum in a matter of minutes, which are two of the biggest tourist attractions in town.

There are a number of lovely parks scattered throughout Chicago that are also easily accessible with a limousine service, and are worth a visit if you have more downtime. Though winters in the city can be ghastly and cold, in the summertime these green spaces are a real treat and a testament to the power of urban planning. There is in fact a Chicago Park District which features over 7000 acres of green parks, 33 beaches, and several different museums. This area has been designed as a public area for locals and tourists alike to relax and enjoy the beauty of the city.

Chicago has a number of unique restaurants. Besides the ubiquitous steakhouses, there are a great deal of Italian restaurants that have invented the famous Chicago “deep dish” pizza that is far heartier than its New York cousin. The best place to try this is in one of the numerous Italian restaurants in town, which can be reached conveniently with the help of limo cars. These include Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant, Italian Village, Aria, or any of the Giordano’s Pizza locations. Finding a satisfying bite to eat is certainly not a problem in this town.

Nightlife is another area in which Chicago certainly does not skimp. There are plenty of young people who flock to this city to attend Northwestern University, the Art Institute of Chicago, or the University of Chicago. All of these students have helped to revitalize the downtown nightlife, and visitors can take advantage of this. Utilizing the services of a stretch limousine service means that not only will you be traveling in style, but you don’t have to worry about consuming alcohol and then trying to figure out how to get home safely. This decision will already have been made so you can get out there and enjoy yourself.

Chicago Limousine Service Some of the most popular night spots in Chicago that are easily accessible by limo cars include Transit, Buzz, and Crobar. These are all dance clubs that are ideal for those looking to shake a leg in a large, dark setting. For musical acts one could check out who is on stage at Ontourage Nightclub, or the Underground. Sometimes the best course of action is simply to get out and walk around the downtown area, stopping in whatever smaller pub strikes your fancy. There are plenty of options for all partiers in this town, and the bars stay open late.

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