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Anniversary Cruise Port Livery Sporting Event
Bachelor/Bachelorette party Graduation Night on the town Wedding
Birthdays Homecoming/School Dance Point to Point Wine/Guided Tour
Airport Limo Service Airport
Why have you chosen to take this time to travel to a new city? Whatever the reason, you will surely want to be on your way quickly after arriving at the airport. Travel time should not take up the majority of your vacation with your family or business trip with colleagues. If want to travel in style and surpass the hassle of traffic, renting a limousine is definitely the way to go. This form of travel serves as affordable yet luxurious ground transportation. After flying first-class in the sky, there is no need to settle for anything less than the best as you travel on the ground. Treat yourself to an exquisite airport limousine service, providing you with all the amenities you could ever need.
Anniversary Limo Service Anniversary
You probably remember the day you got married to your sweetheart more clearly than practically any other day you have ever lived. The decision to get married to your spouse is one that still affects you today. Specifically on your anniversary, you want to celebrate the most important day of your life in style. Hiring a limo service could be the perfect surprise for your loved one. Perhaps they are expecting something simple, maybe dinner and a movie. That is a great way to spend an anniversary, but there are other more sophisticated ways to spend an evening with the love of your life.
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party-Limo Service Bachelor/Bachelorette party
Are you ready to tie the knot? Before you do, celebrate the final evening of your bachelor or bachelorette-hood! There is no more stylish way to spend a bachelor or bachelorette party than in a luxurious limousine from a reputable rental company. The limo companies in our network are professional. No matter where your party begins, a limo service can pick you up and transport you to wherever you are headed and return you home at the end of the night.
Birthday Limo Service Birthdays
You have fine taste if you want to celebrate your birthday with a limo rental. Perhaps you are celebrating your sweet 16th birthday in style with a limo full of your closest high school friends. If you are turning 21, celebrate your newly-acquired ability to legally drink by trying a few things from the mini bar in your party bus or stretch limousine. Maybe you are at the point in your life where you are over-the-hill and want the world to know it, or at least your closest friends. Whatever age you are turning, there is no wrong time to celebrate in the luxury of a beautiful limousine.
Concert Limo Service Concerts
If you are selecting a limo as the mode of transportation to your rock concert, opera or symphony, you obviously have an eye for the finer tastes in style and elegance. Since we are the most respected online source for getting quotes from many limo transportation companies, you might expect to pay a hefty price to experience great service for the evening. Fortunately for you, our limo quote service is free and our services allow you to compare the rates of extremely competitively priced companies that offer exquisite service.
Cruise-port Limo Service Cruise Port
If you have your heart set on luxurious transportation options to get you to and from some of the most traveled-to cruise destinations in the world, then you have come to the right place! serves the United States and Canada to provide customers with an extended luxury travel experience. Why should the extravagance end when you step off the boat at the cruise-port? The simple answer is that it shouldn’t. That’s where we come in. We offer competing quotes from our professional network of limousine companies. Each one comes to you free of cost and puts you in charge of your experience.
Graduation Limo Service Graduation
There are a few times in life when pampering is not only acceptable, it is a necessity. Graduation is among one of those times. What better way is there to end your high school or college career? If you are the proud parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle of a high school or college graduate, why would you deny them the experience to go out with a bang? There is no more stylish way to conclude your years of school than with a luxury sedan or stretch limousine rental. There are so many benefits to renting a limo for your child’s graduation that it seems silly that not more people do it.
Homecoming/School Dance Limo Service Homecoming/School Dance
Whether you are preparing for homecoming, the Valentine’s ball, Sadie Hawkins, the New Year’s dance or any other school dance, this is the place to find your perfect form of transportation to arrive at your school in style. is the largest source available online to find luxurious limousine rentals in the United States and Canada.
Hour As Directed Limo Service Hour is Directed
There are many circumstances where it would be better to rent your limousine by the hour as directed rather than for an entire day. A rental that goes over six to eight hours would probably be more economical for you to rent for the entire day. However, if you only need one-way airport transportation or even a pick up and drop off service to and from a school dance, hourly is most likely the choice you should make to save yourself money in your limousine rental. InstantLimos will give you the ability to choose the best limo service without wasting hours on the phone.
Livery Limo Service Livery
The ongoing survival of the livery industry is still strong today, despite things like the housing crash and overall poor economy in the United States and Canada. While you may have never used the services of a limousine company before, it is never too late to begin looking into the many options of renting with a livery company. You may need airport transportation, a ride to prom, or a stylish vehicle to transport you and an important business client to corporate engagements. Whatever your reason for renting, you can find what you are looking for through our elite network of limousine rental companies.
Night On The Town Limo Service Night on the town
Obviously, if you are looking into renting a fine luxury vehicle for your night on the town, you have a taste for finer things. We recognize that you probably have a vision in your mind of a fantastic evening full of fun, friends and drinks. We can make your vision a reality for your next evening out with the girls or guys. Where are you headed? If your destination is dinner, a dance club, bar or simply a drive a around town for an evening doing something different, . Imagine eliminating the need to find and pay for parking and instead arriving at each point on your list of destinations for the evening in style and class.
Point To Point Limo Service Point to Point
For your next business trip, imagine the level of professionalism and elegance you will exude when you choose to travel in a stretch limousine or luxury sedan. Whether you are traveling alone and simply hope to arrive at each point to point destination in style or you are traveling with clients you hope to impress, you cannot go wrong with a limo rental for your next business trip. If this describes you, then you have come to the right place to find a limo rental at a very affordable price without the complicated rental process.
Prom Limo Service Prom
Whether you the parent of a student attending prom or the attendee yourself, there are numerous reasons why you should take advantage of the excellent opportunity to rent a limousine for one of the most important nights of a young person’s life. From the perspective of the parent, you know that your child has a chauffeured form of transportation that will get them to dinner, the dance, after prom and back home again in safety. As the prom king or queen, can you think of any other more stylish way to arrive at the dance than in a stretch limousine? Neither can we.
Sporting Event Limo Service Sporting Events
Who says you have to make millions a year as an athlete to afford a limousine? Now you can travel in style and affordability to your next big sporting event. Whether you are a fan of basketball, football, baseball, horseracing, or any other sport, we have you covered for the day. If you are looking for top-notch service that can deliver results up to your high level of expectations, you have certainly come to the right place. We offer you access to a whole collection of limousine options from our many limo service partners.
Wedding Limo Service Wedding
Some of the most classic reasons to rent a limousine are for wedding parties and honeymoons. This is your special day, and you undoubtedly want everything to go perfectly. We can help make your dream of the perfect wedding day a reality. One thing that is important to a bride at her wedding is to spend plenty of time with everyone from the wedding party. Picture all the time you spend on the road, traveling from the chapel or other wedding location to the banquet hall for lunch to the reception in the evening. With a stretch limousine rental, everyone has the chance to ride together and spend more time as friends and family on the most important day of your life.
Wine/Guided Tour Limo Service Wine/Guided Tour
Are you prepared to feel like royalty? As if going on a wine tour or guided tour were not enough to make you feel worthy of wearing a crown, you can take it one step further with the rental of a limousine for the occasion to transport you and your friends or family to the events you have planned on attending. If you are planning a private wine tour or guided tour of another sort, you want to travel in style and class with your own personal chauffeur. Now you can have exactly what you have always pictured, come true in a convenient, affordable way.
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